Buzzworthy Goes Backstage For 'FNMTV' Week 2 — Part 3

(Credits: Lil Wayne, Chris Polk/ Polk Imaging; Duffy, Tricia Romano)

So far today, intrepid Buzzworthy reporter Tricia Romano briefed us on this week's FNMTV rehearsal -- from the vibe on the L.A. set to the important wardrobe decisions facing Pete Wentz as he prepares to take the stage again to host MTV's new show about the very thing that got us born: videos!

Now it's time to check in with Tricia as she faces the music -- the live music -- of this week's FNMTV show, which features live performances by Duffy and Lil Wayne. Check out the footage and photos from their sound checks.

Last week's show featured one live performance -- two if you count Panic at the Disco WITH Snoop! But tomorrow night's show has two live performances by Duffy and Lil Wayne. So, that means two sound checks.

Though Lil Wayne and his gargantuan posse arrived right at his call time of 4:30, he still had to wait in his tour bus until Duffy finished running through her set.

And speaking of Duffy, the Welsh songstress turned up in a black top, high-waisted shorts, dangerously high heels, and blonde hair teased to full '60s affect. She was so cute, I wanted to put her in my pocket, and her pitch-perfect renditions of "Mercy" and "Warwick Avenue" gave me goosebumps.

After her sound check, we got a few minutes with Duffy for a quickie interview. We found out that the elegant chanteuse has a rather surprising favorite video: the Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up." "When I saw it I thought, 'That is absolutely brilliant.' It just keeps you hanging doesn’t it?" she giggled.

(More Duffy and Lil Wayne after the jump.)

Duffy, who does not look like a person who likes a song called "Smack My Bitch Up," says she grew up on MTV -- "It was some of the only access I had to music" -- and remembers with fondness the Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers videos from the early '90s. Growing up on videos, the Welsh sensation is especially excited about her FNMTV debut: "I can’t tell you how happy I am!” she says, breathlessly. "It's soooo important. I can't express this enough that we hold onto music. We got to let go of those reality TV shows. We've got enough issues in our personal lives. Let's bring that back and remember what it is that MTV stands for. I’m so pleased they are doing it.” (We are too! Yay, us!)

So, Duffy finishes around 6:30, and we're all standing around waiting for Lil Wayne, who hasn't started his sound check yet. His band and DJ are up there, but he's waiting for the go-ahead to start.

When Weezy finally takes the stage though, things get electric. Most bands kind of do a half-hearted run-through during sound check. Not Lil Wayne. He stalks and stomps the circular stage like there's a packed house hanging on his every drawn-out, drawled word. He plays to the cameras, and he's going all out. Wonder what he'll be like when there's a big, screaming crowd of freaking-out fans? Tune in tomorrow night and see.

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