Happy Birthday, 'Made'! + WTF Video: Utada, 'You Make Me Want to Be a Man'

Made -- MTV's Emmy Award-winning makeover-with-a-soul show, just celebrated its 100th episode, which means it's about 100 times more successful than Emily's Reasons Why Not (killed after just one episode) and only slightly less successful than Cheers.

And it's not hard to see why -- as much as we love to watch tomboys teetering awkwardly in their first pair of heels and hopeless geeks with even less athletic abilities than ourselves, we (and probably you too) have gotten choked up more times than we'd like to admit by watching determined underdogs prevail in the face of haters (right, Amanda from The Paper?)

But the one amazing transformation we've never seen on Made? Gender reassignment! Come on, Made! There's gotta be some girl out there who doesn't want to wear a bra anymore! And, believe it or not, we dug around in the MTV video vault and found a video buried in the WTF File that perfect embraces this sentiment: it's Japanese pop star Utada's clip, earnestly entitled, "You Make Me Want to Be a Man."

Look her up -- we'd never heard of her either, but she's sold a trillion albums, and her life story reads like the combined plots of an entire day's worth of Lifetime movies. Watch her bizarre Bjork-of-Japan video below, and check out Made's 100th episode special and Buzzworthy's all-time favorite Made-ee.