New Charlotte Sometimes Photos!

(Credit: Candice Lawler)

Boys of the Warped Tour, take note: Charlotte Sometimes is coming along, and she's coming armed.

The Jersey-born singer-songwriter -- think Sara Bareilles and Kate Nash bowing at the altar of Regina Spektor -- is named for the Cure song, and both take their name from the children's book by Penelope Farmer.

Charlotte (born Jessica Charlotte Poland) just released her debut album, Waves & the Both of Us, flanked by her first single, "How I Could Just Kill a Man," inspired (clearly) by a this-one's-for-the-books bad breakup and the Cypress Hill song of the same name. (Seriously.)

Watch her video below, and check out MTV's exclusive photos of Charlotte Sometimes, who heads out on the Warped Tour any minute now -- good thing she'll have fellow female Katy Perry to keep her company.