New Video: Cyndi Lauper, 'Into The Nightlife'

While we had high hopes for Cyndi Lauper, we can't help thinking she's slightly out of her element in her new self-directed video, "Into the Nightlife." Don't get us wrong, the song's perfectly catchy, in a "Gimme More"-meets-"Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" sorta way. There's just something about a turtleneck-clad 55-year-old prancing around in a stripper-heavy nightclub that kinda rubs us the wrong way, like getting a lap dance from a toothless stripper. (Not that we'd know.)

Anyway, check out Cyndi's latest for yourself (and watch her perform the song live at Logo's NewNowNext Awards) and let us know whether you think she bops...or she flops. Then re-watch Madonna's "Beautiful Strangers" video (from the Austin Powers 2 soundtrack) and see where Cyndi really gets her mojo.

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