Video That Time Forget But We Didn't: The Power Station, 'Some Like It Hot'

We're posting this video for two reasons: 1.) it was about a trillion degrees today in Brooklyn; and 2.) while sweltering in the aforementioned heat, we were reading Nylon's music issue, which features a piece on how to achieve the iconic slicked-back-bun, overly bright-lips, smoky eye look of Robert Palmer's girls. Patrick Nagel paintings come (almost) to life. When we were youngins, we so wanted to be one of those chicks, even though they couldn't play guitar. And now that we're slightly grown up (and still can't play guitar), Robert Palmer remains, in our estimation, one of the most legendary -- and dearly missed -- artists of the '80s. And while it's impossible to separate the '80s visual of those nameless, mute, mannequin-like models, Palmer's sexy and urgent sound still has meaning, over two decades later.

In 2003, he died of a heart attack at age 54. And while his death lacks the rock mystique of "the 27 Club," he still went way too early. Still though, his sartorial elegance and serious sound continue to pop up in our minds any time we see a well-dressed man in a fitted suit and skinny tie: Jesse McCartney, Robin Thicke, the Killers, O'Neal McKnight, and the White Tie Affair come to mind. Oh, and of course, Justin Timberlake.

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