Buzz Bites -- 5/30/2008: The Bro-Mance Continues For John Mayer And Pete Wentz


+ The always-opinionated musician/blogger John Mayer has nothing but love, support and unabashed admiration for pal (and pops-to-be) Pete Wentz. "You're one of the best eggs in the music industry, hands down," Mayer writes on his website, adding: "I think the world of you...Best to you and your lovely wife." (John Mayer's blog, via PerezHilton)

+ Meanwhile, Mayer's ex (and Wentz's new sister-in-law!) Jessica Simpson has reportedly warned his rumored new girlfriend Jennifer Aniston that Mayer can be a bit of a "ladies-man." (Entertainmentwise)

+ Could Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin, be any more humble? When asked about the group's success, he replied, "After the last record I felt like God, I can't believe we've got away with becoming this huge band ... We still haven't done anything I think is that good yet." We beg to differ! (The Press Association)

+ The Pussycat Dolls' catchy new single ("When I Grow Up") is about doing whatever it takes to become famous. Isn't honesty refreshing? (Imeem)

+ And Rihanna's latest track, "Disturbia," makes us wonder whether she's taking artistic license, or just overdosing on reruns of My So-Called Life. (That Grape Juice)

+ Turns out, everyone's a winner on American Idol. Even hometown hero -- and fourth place finisher -- Jason Castro. (Mollygood)

+ Forget about Dr. Phil! Now, Britney Spears is getting parenting advice from ... the Supernanny? (Hollywood Rag)