New Video: The Pinker Tones, 'Happy Everywhere'


If Cake, Oasis and the Bloodhound Gang were to (somehow) procreate and have an inexplicably Spanish lovechild, the result of that illegitimate union would probably be something along the lines of The Pinker Tones. The Barcelona-born indie-pop outfit, whose style can best be described as punk meets-break-beat-meets-psychedelia, first came on the music scene back in 2003, but didn't truly break until the release of their second album, 2006's The Million Color Revolution and their 2007 follow-up, More Colors. We like these guys because they sing in four different trance-like languages (Spanish, French, German and English), because they favor surrealist landscape backgrounds, and because they're bringing monochromatic back.

Watch their new video, "Happy Everywhere," and preview their new album, Wild Animals, on "The Leak."