New Video: Gavin Rossdale, 'Love Remains the Same'

We will now freely admit to having a slight residual crush on Gavin Rossdale (a.k.a. Mr. Gwen Stefani) dating back to the early '90s, when Rossdale and his then-band Bush came out with their breathy single, "Glycerine."

But that doesn't mean we're biased when it comes to reviewing "Love Remains the Same," the first video release off his new LP, Wanderlust, which drops next month. And what this song lacks in pure, unadulterated Seattle-inspired grunge, it more than makes up for with gritty, black-and-white broody mood lighting and gratuitous shots of Rossdale in the shower. (Hollerz!)

Turns out the Kilburn, London native is still the soulful, raspy-voiced rocker we've crushed on for years. In fact, he seems to have gotten hotter with age. And no doubt, his wife would agree.