Death Cab for Cutie Tour Blog: Part 3


All Death Cab for Cutie bassist Nick Harmer needed was a little (actually, a lot of) sleep and some historical fiction to cure him of a near-crippling case of transatlantic jet lag contracted by the band's trip to London.

Read about his ongoing battle between adventure-seeking and running down a couple of dreams in his exclusive Death Cab tour diary, and catch up on last week's tour tale here.

Tuesday, May 5th, 2008

Today was one of the good days. Everything starts with a great night of sleep. Last night, to completely ensure that I would sleep the sleep of a thousand years (not to be confused with the Jacksonian "funk of 40,000 years") I rented on my hotel pay-per-view The Assassination of Jesse James, which is a film I thoroughly enjoyed when I first saw, but one with a nice quiet pace, somber and calming musical score and this Ken Burns-esque voiceover narration that, when you are exhausted, is just enough of a reminder of history class that it tips the scales in favor of narcolepsy. I was out like a light before the opening train robbery scene. And a nice deep nine hours of sleep followed.

Damn. How rock and roll is this? Talking about a good night's sleep. I'm sorry. I should be trying to spin some wild yarn about rocking and rolling every night and partying every day. It's funny I guess, when I am on the road, crazy adventures is the easy part. The hard part and therefore, in my mind, the more interesting stuff is the normal things. Like, getting sleep, getting food, and getting a shower. You might be surprised.

Yes, Mr. Vonnegut, "and so it goes."

We began our day doing a live session for XFM with and amazing studio engineer and producer named Chris. Chris was such a professional -- he moved quick, worked quick and made us sound incredible given the limitations of what he was working with. We recorded acoustic versions of "Talking Bird" and "I Will Possess Your Heart" and a cover of a Graham Nash song called "Military Madness." We were in and out and had a great time.

Then it was on to the venue for the whole reason we came over here in the first place -- our show. We played a place in Camden Town called the Electric Ballroom. It's not a very huge venue -- maybe holds a thousand people -- but it was much smaller than the last place we played here in London in 2006, so it was a treat for us and the audience for sure. Nothing like a hot, sweaty club show. The energy and enthusiasm is undeniable and makes me feel so alive. Thankfully, there were no difficulties tech wise, and for the first few songs as Ben put it, "it felt like we were flying." I couldn't have said it better myself. Above is my favorite photo of the night taken by Andy Hayward, our production manager, of Jason and two purple lights.

Tomorrow is our last day here in London, and then we are back to the States. We have a full day of press and more promo, but I think my evening should finally be open and free for me to find some adventure. More to follow...

Nick Harmer