Buzz Bites -- 5/29/2008: Fate Intervenes, Saves Pete Doherty, Amy Winehouse From Making A Gigantic Mistake


+ Today, in Disturbing News You Never Really Wanted To Know About: Pete Doherty reportedly proposed to Amy Winehouse back in 2004. Aw/ew! (NME)

+ In between finding a girlfriend and winning American Idol, David Cook's managed to spend some quality time with Luke Menard, the Top 24 (AI) finalist who was diagnosed with Stage Two Hodgkins Lymphoma. (Mollygood)

+ Are Tokio Hotel the new Jonas Brothers? (Lancaster Online)

+ Usher to give new meaning to the phrase "Standing Room Only" when he holds a free concert in NYC's Bryant Park tomorrow. (AMNY)

+ It was true then, and it's true now: LL Cool J represents Queens, but he was raised out in Brooklyn. (MTV)