New(-ish) Video: Tristan Prettyman, 'Madly'

Somehow, though we've meant to, we haven't yet posted about Tristan Prettyman. So we're doing that now.

The Ani DiFranco-inspired surfer chick (who turned heads with her debut LP, t w e n t y t h r e e) has already toured with Jason Mraz. And her newest video, "Madly," off her latest album, Love, goes out to anyone who's ever tried to relive a failed relationship by poring over old photos and obsessively recalling memories of happier times. (Not that we've ever done that... DAMN YOU, Tristan!)

Aside from expertly encapsulating the mixed emotions that accompany a painful breakup, the San Diego native also skillfully captures the bittersweet process of moving on via lighthearted melodies and melancholy lyrics. And in addition to that soothing voice (think Colbie Caillat), Tristan is a former Roxy model and is maybe the most photogenic person you'll ever see in your life. Diplomatic terms like "unflattering lighting" and "not her best side" do not apply. (Damn you again!) But enough of the shallow stuff, which we excel at pointing out. Watch the video.