Video Interview: Ludo

When Vaudevillian power-poppers Ludo sent us video dispatches from their seemingly never-ending tour (on the reals: these guys are stumping harder than Clinton and Obama combined), we learned things we never realized about The Other St. Lunatics. Like their love of basketball, their obsession with peanut butter (an obsession they share with All Time Low), and their ability to almost be in several places at once. But we wanted to know more about what fuels one of the most hilariously hyperactive bands since Devo. So we asked them. And it turns out it's Armenian tacos.

Catch up on Ludo's tour diaries, and then watch our exclusive interview with Ludo for more on their love/hate relationship with their van, their hate/hate relationship with their self-described lack of groupie love, and a look ahead at the dinner table discussion that might someday ensue as a result of a certain line in "Love Me Dead."