Exactly WHO Is Selena Gomez? Buzzworthy (Loosely) 'Investigates'


Right: HSM star Vanessa Hudgens; Left, her Disney doppelganger, Selena Gomez

If you haven't heard of wannabe tween sensation Selena Gomez, you're not alone. But the 15-year-old Barney & Friends alum (and star of Disney original series Wizards of Waverly Place) already has the entertainment industry in a tizzy. The problem? The buzz has less to do with Gomez's musical/acting chops and more to do with her uncanny resemblance to High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens.

Not surprisingly, Hudgens (a highly successful byproduct of the Disney farm system) has yet to weigh in on all the hullabaloo. Of course, that hasn't stopped fans from claiming that Disney's unimaginatively similar marketing campaign is actually a meticulously choreographed attempt to establish Selena as the newest network child star cash cow.

Our verdict? The physical similarities between the two girls are striking, although only time will tell whether Gomez has the talent to back up the comparisons. Meanwhile, give the girl some credit! The rising starlet, who "hangs" with the Jonas brothers, is already following in Miley and Vanessa's (her Disney predecessors) footsteps... at least, in the stirring-up-controversy department.

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