Jesse McCartney Then (Cute!) and Now (Fully Hot)


More evidence that lil Jesse Mac ain't so lils anymore: dude is morphing into a hybrid of Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo (all that's missing is the hat) faster than you can say "Sexyback: the Next Generation."

Here's Jesse on Friday's Live With Regis and Kelly, where he performed "Leavin'" off his new album, Departure, and where the role of Regis was played by Neil Patrick Harris. (We're pretty sure that Jesse and NPH together on the same soundstage was a fantasy fulfilled for someone out there. We're just not sure we want to know who.) And, for good measure, his live performance of "Right Where You Want Me" from less than two years ago. Time has been good to this boy.

+ Plus: more on Jesse's collaboration with Leona Lewis.