New Video: Weezer, 'Pork and Beans'

Remember when Rivers Cuomo's sense of humor (along with his libido) seemed to have all but dried up, he went back to Harvard, and he spent an inordinate amount of time MySpace blogging, meditating, and not having sex, but we let him because he's Rivers Cuomo? And because, like Chicago once said, "everybody needs a little time away." Just ask Alicia Keys. Or Steven Tyler. Or Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse, repeatedly.

Now unremember all of that. (And while "Beverly Hills," one of Weezer's most commercially successful single to date, was light-hearted, it wasn't all that funny.) The title of Weezers's new single, "Pork and Beans," off their forthcoming Red album -- and yes, that's actually the cover above -- however, should be enough to imply that Weezer isn't taking themselves too seriously these days, and that's the Weezer we love.

And if you needed more proof, check the "Pork and Beans" video -- a meme-mash-up of the biggest and best cewebrities, ongoing online jokes and lovably lame LOLs, directed by Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory. And surely the irony of Weezer spoofing viral videos to create their own viral video is not lost on the band.

Our favorite parts: Tay Zonday, the Numa Numa guy, the "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" reference, the blink-and-miss-it Fensler Film G.I. Joe cameo (dude, I love your movies!!!!), Kelly of OMG "Shoes" fame, and, brilliantly, Kevin Federline, from back before the days when Britney made him look like Parent of the Year. (The footage, by the by, is from the hilarious, classic MTV News interview where "Popozao" was born.)

+ What we're wondering: how many times the phone rang before Chris Crocker picked up and agreed to do it.

+ Memes we're suprised weren't included: Rick Rolling.

+ Memes we wish were included: LOLcats, Straw Culture.

+ Memes we still get nightmares about: Dramatic chipmunk.

+ Memes we're glad weren't included: Two Girls, Once Cup, or 2G1C, for those of you who've, unthinkably, watched it way too many times.

+ Also: how the hell is Brian Bell still that hot?