New Video: Socratic, 'Boy In A Magazine'


As the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once wrote, "When you were pissed and on the rag, I waited around, but now I'm packing my bags."

Hold up, that wasn't Socrates! (or So-crates, for you Bill & Ted fans.) Those are just lyrics from "Boy in a Magazine," the newest single from all-guy Jersey foursome, Socratic. And while we dig their sound, we're not fully convinced that their 2500-year-old namesake would approve of the emo-pop band, let alone their stance on PMS-fueled breakups. That said, the video (featuring paparazzi with My Name Is Earl mustaches and cameos by Elvis and Bigfoot) is certainly worth a look.

In all honesty, we're not sure whether the song is about the pitfalls of fame, the dehumanizing aspect of celebrity or the painful process of falling out of love, but either way, we enjoyed it. Possibly because we have a baby crush on frontman Duane Okun. Probably because we loved the angsty vibe. And definitely because that Sasquatch dude plays some mean drums.