Jonas Brothers Play World's First Underwater Show


(Credit: Just Jared)

... Or not. But you know if they did, you'd be begging your parents for Scuba lessons right now. They were actually just in San Pedro, Cali, yesterday shooting their next video, which the ever-reliable Just Jared thinks is either "Kung Fu Grip" or "Burning Up." (And the night before, following their Idol appearance, which NY Mag felt lacked heart, they were seen out with actress Selena Gomez, who's been deemed the next Miley... so get those racy pix ready, dearie!)

But back to the new Jonas Brothers video. The neo-19th century hair give the Jo Bros a very Panic At the Disco vibe. We're also going to use both context clues and our keen instincts to assume that the Jonas Brothers aren't covering Madonna's "Burning Up," nor does their "Kung Fu Grip" have anything to do with Sublime's infamous reference.

In other Jonas Brothers news: People magazine's all-JB collector's edition issue hits stands today.