Buzz Bites -- 5/23/2008: Where Did David Archuleta Go Wrong?


Photo: Frank Micelotta/ Getty Images (via MTV News)

+ "Why Didn't David Archuleta Win?" wonders MTV News. We're thinking it has something to do with his not getting enough votes. (MTV)

+ Despite the awesomeness of Bret Michaels' new single, we still can't figure out why women half his age are clamoring to date him.

+ Apparently, not everyone thinks "Dancing in the Dark" is one of the top five Bruce Springsteen songs of all time. Take that, Monica from Friends! (Drowned in Sound)

+ Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta admits he's no Ashlee Simpson fan. "Ever since [Pete Wentz] started dating a celebrity, he's just been doing lines of coke with hookers," he complains. Wait, turns out Saporta's totally kidding! Well, except for that part about hating Simpson's music. (In The News - UK)

+ Proud pop Billy Ray Cyrus praises daughter/tween superstar Miley for not getting an achy breaky heart over that whole Vanity Fair debacle. (Hollyscoop) ** UPDATE: MORE... BRA-N-UNDIES PIX OF MILEY! WTF? (Oh No They Didn't)**

+ Rihanna refuses to believe that blonds have more fun, refuses to sport a conformist hairdo. (Metro - UK)