From The MTV Vault: Keep The 'Faith' In George Michael

Think George Michael's nothing more than a blast from the past? Think again. With last night's American Idol cameo, the Brit powerhouse proved he still has what it takes to shake his derriere on national television. And while many of you were probably seeing the former Wham! frontman for the very first time, others remember a simpler time, a time when acid-washed denim prevailed and skintight man-pants were considered the epitome of sexiness.

With smash hits like "I Want Your Sex," "Freedom 90" and "Faith," Michael proved it possible to build an entire career around a smug wink and taut posterior. So travel back in time with us, won't you, to the year 1987, as we take a nostalgic look back at the campy black-and-white video that paired high-pitched vocals with awkward crotch-level gyrations. And get ready to forget everything you know about Beyonce. This guy not only invented the concept of bootyliciousness -- he elevated it to an art form.

+ Bonus fact: Did you know that Wham!'s breakup (which resulted from Michael's decision to go solo) was the real-life inspiration for the storyline in the Hugh Grant flick Music & Lyrics? If you haven't seen the film's faux music video, "Pop! Goes My Heart," watch it right here.