Interview: Buzzworthy Hits the Street With Tokio Hotel Fan Shannon


If you've just joined the Buzzworthy Tokio Hotel Love Fest already in progress, we are knee-deep in hysteria and obsession.

When the band was here a few weeks back for their debut TRL performance (watch it here if you haven't seen it and/or memorized every twist and nuance yet), we thought we'd let Tokio fans express their devoition themselves.

So we interviewed fans like Nikki; Timothy (see! guys like them too!); Charlene, who taught herself German; Monica and Katarina, and Josselen and the fearless Amada. And speaking of fearless, what we really loved most about the Tokio Hotel fans we met was their self-assuredness, which, when we think about it, makes sense when you think about the cojones it takes to pull off Bill Kaulitz's extreme coiffure.

And speaking of confidence, we next met Shannon, 17, who we loved for the confidence she had in herself, her love for Tokio Hotel and in the fact that that two-hour drive down from Connecticut was worth every minute.

Buzzworthy: Tell us what you love about Tokio Hotel.

Shannon: I love everything. I love how they're a foreign band and they can come over to America and have such a huge impact on almost every country in the world. It's amazing. They have such a huge fan base everywhere.

BW: How'd you first hear about Tokio Hotel?

Shannon: MySpace. One of my friends was talking about them, and I started listening to them.

BW: How'd you get here today?

Shannon: We drove all the way from Connecticut. It was a two-hour drive.

BW: Would you do it again?

Shannon: Definitely!

BW: Do you have a favorite member of Tokio Hotel?

Shannon: I don't really like to pick favorites, but it'd have to be between Bill and Tom.

BW: What would you like to say to them?

Shannon: Wow. I really don't know! I'd probably tell them how thankful I am for their music and how much I really really love their band. And … just probably talk about whatever! I don't know!

BW: What do you think Bill and Tom would say? Do you think they'd be cool to you?

Shannon: Yeah! I mean I don't wanna sound conceited or anything, but yeah.

BW: You guys are on the same level?

Shannon: Yeah!

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