New Video: Plies Featuring Ne-Yo, 'Bust It Baby Pt.2'

Sometimes in music -- as in life (seen Ice T's lady?) -- opposites come together in ways that are completely unexpected and totally fantastic. For example: rapper Plies' new video, "Bust It, Baby Pt.2."

In it, he teams up with R&B phenom Ne-Yo for a master class in mashing up disparate musical styles: Plies keeps it rough around the edges, while Ne-Yo keeps it smooth enough to pour some sexy-can-I all over the top of the joint. (While Janet Jackson sweetens the pot with a vintage sample.)

And it's not just their musical styles that are in direct contrast, but the guys definitely aren't shopping at the same store in the mall. If you're not familiar with Plies, the first thing you may notice is that even the pharaohs of ancient Egypt would find his gold stocks excessive. And Ne-Yo? Dude's like something created in GQ's subterranean laboratory out of DNA samples from Tyson Beckford, Reagan-era Michael Jackson and Dior's Spring '08 collection.

Not since Ol' Dirty Bastard and Mya ruled the airwaves with "Ghetto Superstar" have ashy and classy come together with such radio-friendly results. Plies and Ne-Yo are the audio equivalent of chunky-style peanut butter and jelly; you don't know why it tastes so good, but you can't help yourself.