'American Idol' 60-Second Wrap-Up: 5/22/08

We know. We KNOW. David COOK! We couldn't believe it either, and we're personally out $4 and a little bit of cred after making a bet we were sure we'd win. But after Cook did the chicken dance with ZZ Top and revived the Tom Cruise-Risky Business undies dance, we're PROUD to call David Cook our American Idol.

L'il Davey, you were cute television, but David Cook is excellent radio, and we look forward to hearing his first single every time we step into a deli, mall, cab or see a TV commercial for a major retailer all summer long. David Cook, you done good.

Archuleta: We hear Six Flags is hiring.

Watch Jim Cantiello's final (weep!), breathless recap from the big finale, and tell us if you think America picked the right David.