Buzz Bites -- 5/22/2008: David Archuleta Cook Crowned This Year's 'American Idol' Champ


+ David Cook wins American Idol, traumatizes hordes of screaming teenage girls by edging out front-runner David Archuleta with 56% of the vote. (MTV)

+ Related: Idol shatters previous voting records with over 97 million viewers phoning (and texting) in to vote for their favorite David. Now, if only presidential elections had so much voter turnout... (Billboard)

+ Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Of course, that was before Britney Spears set her sights on Sin City. (Metro - UK)

+ Justice is served! Lou Pearlman (the man who introduced the term "boy-band" into the cultural vernacular) to serve 25 years in the slammer for inventing the Backstreet Boys money laundering and conspiracy. (Bumpshack)

+ Atmosphere's "Slug" describes how he and his (negligibly) better half came up with the concept behind their new album. (Karmaloop). And check out their MTV Artist of the Week videos here.

+ Radiohead, Beck divluge their favorite Sonic Youth songs. (NME)

+ Danity Kane songstress Aubrey O'Day flaunts her new relationship with Jesse McCartney while simultaneously stealing a wine glass from The Waverly Inn. (OMG! Yahoo)

+ Beyonce deemed too famous, bootylicious for church. (Stuff NZ)