Buzz Bites -- 5/21/2008: Solange Knowles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Miley Cyrus & More


+ Popjustice thinks Solange's new album is going to trump Beyonce's last album. (Really?? Better than B'Day? For REAL for real?)

+ You know that film about t.A.t.u.'s going to suck when even the star of the movie can't sit through it. (Idolator)

+ Miley Cyrus has a new not-for-kids video game. Unofficial and unsanctioned, of course. (TheImproper)

+ T.I. says he was "hands-on" during the birth of his sixth child. Which, presumably, explains why said child is named Major G. (MTV)

+ Don't Stop the Pop is unabashedly celebrating the most unabashedly Swedish music ever.

+ MusicWarship tackles the "Is Duffy the new Amy Winehouse" question.

+ Death Cab For Cutie takes over blogging duties at Stereogum. Next step for DCFC: Finally admitting that we are destined to be together. (Stereogum)

+ We actually really like Kat Von D's new makeup line.

+ According to Diddy, Sean Jean's style can be summed up in two words: "Fashion Viagra." According to us, Diddy's analogy can be summed up in one word: "Ew." (HollywoodRag)

+ Celebitchy thinks Justin Timberlake is about to pop the question.

+ Fergie's bringing sexy skintight vinyl leggings back. (Popsugar)

+ The Jonas Brothers can't decide which American Idol finalist to vote for. (MTV)

+ Still-hot Anthony Kiedis makes us long for the days when Red Hot Chili Peppers still played music... which isn't happening any time soon because the band's on hiatus. Boo. (Antimusic)

+ Relevant video: crappy album, awesome song: