All Time Low Tour Diary: Part 1


All Time Low just sent us their first tour diary video, and in it, Alex (who recently got himself named douchebag of the week... again! UPDATE: it was actually Jack... our apologies for the douchebag confusion) sticks his hand up a sheep's butt and reflects on the finer points of the Give It a Name Festival and covering Midtown, all while inhaling what looks like an entire jar of peanut butter.

But is All Time Low's peanut butter binge a subtle allusion to the infamous Pedro-Puck peanut butter freakout on The Real World San Francisco? Whatever. Just watch it, and then watch the fight that helped get Puck permanently exiled from the House of Pedro.


+ Plus: watch MTV's exclusive All-Time Low interview, and check out ancient photos of Gabe Saporta and Midtown: