New Video: Kerli, 'Walking on Air'


Estonian breakthrough artist Kerli tells her coming-of-age story in a bizarro Alice in Wonderland-reminiscent funhouse of horrors, where "creepy" prevails. We can handle sexy-sinister, but we almost had to draw the line at the singing doll. But both the artist and her video, "Walking on Air," are fresh out the gate, so we'll give this dark horse a shot.

The 21-year-old singer-songwriter -- who reminds us of a cross between Cascada and Miley Cyrus' distant European cousin -- won second-place in the 2004 Euroalaul competition (you know… that Euroalaul competition), repped Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest, cites only Björk as her musical influence, and impressed L.A. Reid enough to nail an on-the-spot record deal. Perhaps she reminded him of Pink.

Arjan Writes astutely describes her as "Björk meet Evanescence meets atmospheric electro pop." We think: Avril, but sadder! Or... Natasha Bedingfield in reverse! Though with her pierced-and-tatted appearance, plus traces of Garbage, we can't get away from the image of an updated version of the girl on that iconic Godsmack album cover.


(Was that you, Jennie Garth?)