New Video: Cherish, 'Amnesia'

You may remember Cherish from their video "Killah," which impressively juxtaposed scenes from Step Up 2 the Streets with shots of the R&B sister act parading around in baggy gym shorts and knee socks.

The Atlanta-based En Vogue-esque girl group (can't you just envision a perfect cover of "Something He Can Feel"?) is back with a new album, The Truth, and they're showing off their sensitive, more sophisticated side in their new video, "Amnesia."

Three reasons we think you should check it out:

1) It's catchy! In that horribly depressing, soul-crushing sort of way.

2) This time the tube socks are replaced with super-glam LBDs.

3) Nothing says "heartbreak" quite like four gorgeous girls slinking up against a wall while giving us their very best "sad face." See, kids? Revenge isn't just sweet. It can also be crazy hot!