Interview: Buzzworthy Hits the Street With Tokio Hotel Fan Nikki


After we interviewed Timothy, Nikki was the next Tokio Hotel fan we met waiting in line to get into TRL for the band's debut performance. We were amazed that she taught herself German, but Nikki was expecting even more amazing things from Tokio Hotel that day.

Buzzworthy: How'd you first hear about Tokio Hotel?

Nikki: I heard of Tokio Hotel when I teaching myself German a couple years ago.

BW: Did you end up teaching yourself German?

Nikki: Yes I did.

BW: Wow. If you could tell them anything in German what would it be?

Nikki: Um, "Tokio Hotel ist die größte band jemals."*

BW: What's that mean?

Nikki: I think it means Tokio Hotel is the greatest band ever.

BW: What do you love about them?

Nikki: I don't know. They're different. I haven't ever heard music like Tokio Hotel before.

BW: How would you describe Tokio Hotel's music?

Nikki: Kinda hard rock with a softer edge with some sexy Germanness slathered on.

BW: How'd you get here today?

Nikki: I got here by taking two trains from Philly.

BW: What are you expecting up at TRL today?

Nikki: I'm expecting… I don't even know yet. I'm expecting to be amazed.

* Note: that was our rough transliteration of Nikki's German, so all you hardcore Germanophiles, go nice on our piss-poor translational skills. And please note, Tokio Hotel fans, we’ve still got even more interviews coming up. Until then, catch up on our Buzzworthy interviews with Charlean, Monica and Katarina, and Josselen and Amada. Plus, check out MTV’s exclusive Tokio Hotel photo gallery, watch their TRL performance, and get behind-the-scenes TRL video footage.