New Video: Coldplay, 'Violet Hill'


Here's Coldplay's new "Violet Hill" video, in case you haven't seen it yet. (It leaked all over the Internet Friday like a broken pen.) It's the first single -- the one Coldplay gave away for free and was downloaded 2 million times -- from the band's upcoming fourth album, Viva La Vida, (not Prospekt, as originally rumored) which the band's kept close to their chest, pretty much only citing Brian Eno as producer and Frida Kahlo as an influence.

The cinematic, scenic video was shot in Italy, and despite the fact that it's an Anton Corbijn deadringer, it was actually directed by filmmaker Asa Mader. (Though Corbijn did direct Coldplay's "Talk" video.) Still, the similarities of the lyrics to Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" to the "Enjoy the Silence" video are undeniable.