Exclusive: Kimberley Locke On The 'American Idol' Finale -- The Winner Is...


(Credit: AmericanIdol.com)

We ditched work in the middle of the day last week and went to the Nokia Theater, which is literally right around the corner from 1515, for a special concert by season 2 American Idol alum Kimberley Locke.

After belting out hits like "8th World Wonder" and "Fall," Kim was kind enough to take a few minutes to chat with us. And, of course, we asked her expert opinion on who will be crowned this season's Idol, David Archuleta or David Cook?

Although she's not necessarily rooting for anyone, she said, "I think David Archuleta's gonna win." Why? Because he's got that all-American, boy-next-door charm, which is "what American Idol voters love."

Of course, she admitted the David vs. David showdown "could go either way." So, get ready to dial your little fingers off -- then cross 'em that your guy wins.

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