Interview: The White Tie Affair

Since we first started listening to them, The White Tie Affair went from small-time gigs to big-time tours -- they're currently on the road with Kill Hannah on the Hope for the Hopeless Tour -- from YouTube stars to TRL heroes. And they've gracefully braved grandiose comparisons to hometown heroes Fall Out Boy (though the Killers come to mind, and Boys Like Girls fans, you also need to pay attention), though they're carving out their own niche with glammed-up, synthed-out dance-rock tracks like "Candle (Sick and Tired)" and "Allow Me to Introduce Myself... Mr. Right" faster than you can swill champagne out of the bottle.

They sat down with us and talked about a few cuts off their debut album, Walk This Way, harnessing the awesome powers of Google to land a band name, harnessing the awesome powers of Journey, and playing volleyball against We the Kings -- and getting their asses handed to them.

Watch Buzzworthy's exclusive interview with the White Tie Affair, and check out their brand-new video, "Candle."