Exclusive Interview: Carolina Liar


Last month, we posted Carolina Liar's debut video, "I'm Not Over," and some behind-the-scenes footage of the band. That, coupled with the exposure the band received all season long on The Hills, prompted Buzzworthy readers, Hills heads, and new fans of the up-and-coming band to email us, asking where they can find out more about rootsy singer-songwriter Chad Wolf and his band, Carolina Liar.

So, we invited Chad Wolf over to Fort Buzzworthy, where the sweeter-than-Tupelo-honey Southern rocker gave us the abridged version of his musical journey and ascent up the L.A. totem pole to The Hills -- from playing coffee shops to a chance encounter with producer Max Martin (the genius "fixer" behind smash hits by Britney Spears, Robyn and Kelly Clarkson), to scoring a spot on the soundtrack to all that delectable, circuitous Spencer-Heidi-Lauren-Audrina drama.

Check out his exclusive Buzzworthy video interview, see more photos of Chad and Carolina Liar here, and get more Hills dirt on the Remote Control blog.