New Video: Yung Berg, 'Do That There'

So how young is Yung Berg? He's about 21 or so, but when it comes to looking just-born and dropping Lycra-tight rhymes we really want to ask him, "How you do that there?"

The Lilliputian rapper -- you know his hit "Sexy Lady," and you've seen him in Ray-J'z "Sexy Can I" video -- seems to have actually gotten smaller and, well, younger since his 2007 EP, Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady EP, which certainly can't hurt his career; no one wants to be the old guy at the club. Or an old rapper. Unless you're Rev Run.

Berg's latest video also happens to be shot 100% in black and white (artsy!), which does wonders for hiding wrinkles and softening edges -- both of which go a long way to make you look more like a Young MC than an Ol' Dirty Bastard. Seriously, somebody is trying to find the fountain of youth and will spend the label's promo budget accordingly to find it. He should have his manager put in a call to Oil of Olay -- we're thinking free samples in exchange for an endorsement.

Look for Yung Berg's next album, Look What You Made Me, later this summer.