Preview Kid Sister's 'Pro Nails' EP


Two things that you need to know to make this day complete: The first is that Kid Sister's still putting the final moves on her debut album, Koko B. Ware, so look for that this summer. And if you don’t know who Kid Sister is, pretend she's Teyanna Taylor and Google her, baby; you'll probably hit the video for her eye spasm-inducing jam with Kanye West "Pro Nails."

Thing number 2: next week, Kid Sister's dropping a five-song EP, featuring four versions of "Pro Nails" with a fresh coat of remixed gloss. But, you can listen to the whole album for fuh-reeee right now at "Turn It Up" at Bonus -- at "Turn It Up," you can listen to more new albums, watch new videos, and send a message to Prez Barsch to end the genocide in Darfur.


+ Watch camera-happy Kid Sister host the Dean's List at, watch her "Pro Nails" video with Kanye, and read Buzzworthy's exclusive interview with the young MC.