Buzz Bites -- 4/16/2008: Santogold, t.A.T.u., Duffy & More


+ Concreteloop previews hipster-pop soloist/Fader fave/ Bud shiller Santogold's self-titled album, which drops April 29th. Watch Santogold here.

+ Pregnancy(or not) aside, Ashlee Simpson likes barbecue. OMG! WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON! (We are not pregnant, however, in case you're reading this, Mom. We do love barbecue, though.) (People)

+ Amy Winehouse's next album may be on hold. Which would probably be the least of her problems. (Dlisted)

+ Speaking of Amy Winehouse, Duffy is Dolce & Gabanna's new muse, dahling. Next stop -- PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION! (Mirror)

+ Hi! We're t.A.T.u! Remember us? Here's what we look like now! Next stop: SOFT-CORE PORN! (ONTD)

+ Hi! I'm Bill Cosby! (Remember me?) I'm 70 years old. I used to be cool and wear Coogi and push Pudding Pops, but these days I'm pretty pissed. Anyway, I'm purportedly releasing a hip-hop album. Because I'm the Mack Granddaddy. Flismflasm! (Holy Moly)