More Mariah: Old-School Interviews, Exclusive Pix & More

We've got a burning case of Mariah fever, and the only prescription is... more Mariah. Which is good, because MTV News cracked open their video vault, and out poured some seriously old-school Mariah interviews, like one from 1992 (before some of youse was even borned!), back in the days when MTV still had a call-in show called "Rockline," and a then-up-and-coming Mariah told John Norris she just wanted to be "a singer for the rest of my life." Uh, done. (Also of note, John Norris' mustard-colored Color Me Badd blazer, and when Tabitha Soren throws down the gauntlet at the tail-end of this interview.)

+ Watch more old-school, behind-the-scenes Mariah Carey interviews right here.

... Plus:

+ Mariah leads a track-by-track tour of E=MC2.

+ Mariah discusses her redonkulado hot body in a new interview with Brit mag Now. Favorite quote: "My thighs became really hard. Here, come on, feel…Go ahead, grab my thigh."

+ More exclusive photos from the set of her Artist of the Week video shoot below:


(All photos, credit: Danika Singfield)