New Video: Avril Lavigne, 'The Best Damn Thing'

If the People's Republic of Avril existed, its national colors would be black, pink and black and pink. And blond. In "The Best Damn Thing," the fourth video from the album of the same name, Avril leads a Hot Topic-punk rally against deadbeat dudes, references her Auntie Flo, blasts the financial equality that comes with liberal feminism, sports a Britney-esque pink wig (but a less low-rent version) and a sugary prom dress Taylor Swift would probably want to borrow (so riot grrl with the black Docs and pout!), and shows off some abs that suggest she didn't indulge in much wedding cake. And she ends it all with the splits and a smile, but not before promoting her new clothing line, Abbey Dawn -- she's wearing a t-shirt from her new line in the shot where she's playing drums toward the end of the video. Rawr, team!