New Video: O'Neal McKnight, 'Check Your Coat'

If you've been to the club like, recently recent, or caught TRL yesterday, then you may've heard this synthed-out, retro-electro R&B banger from O'Neal McKnight, a man with two last names and no first name, who's styled Usher (he's responsible for the iconic 8701 album cover), Diddy, Snoop and Robin Thicke, is now taking his turn as a quadruple-threat soloist.

Entitled "Check Your Coat," this unholy brew of vintage Michael Jackson, celebrity cameos (peep Swizz Beats and Russell Simmons) and Back to the Future (speaking of cameos, you can't miss the DeLorean or Christopher Lloyd) sub-plot just screams "I can't believe it's not '80s!"

But it's not '80s, and that's what makes it so decidedly fresh; O'Neal McKnight manages to pull off the trick of sounding so old-school it's futuristic. Attention Neo-soulsters and throwback rappers: you are now on notice.