Exclusive Interview: Pete Wentz Is Still A Member Of Fall Out Boy


Regardless of whether Ashlee Simpson is slightly pregnant or maybe isn't pregnant, Pete Wentz still has a wedding to plan, and Pete Wentz is still in Fall Out Boy. And Fall Out Boy just put out a new live CD/ DVD, entitled **** Live In Phoenix.

The double-disc package features a full-length Fall Out Boy concert -- including their rendition of "Beat It" with John Mayer -- and lots of behind-the-scenes footage of a band that spends their downtime Punking themselves, producing albums, and working out.

So, naturally, we had some questions… like what's up with the asterisks? And why the hell don't we see much of Andy?

Watch Buzzworthy's second exclusive interview with Pete Wentz, catch up on the first clip, and watch "Beat It."