New Video: Taylor Swift, 'Picture to Burn'

Oh, Taylor Swift. You are made from the finest corn, sunshine, glitter and tulle in all of America. Your hit, "Our Song" -- which you wrote for a 9th grade talent show -- went platinum and just earned you two CMT Awards last night. And when you picked up them up, you wore no shoes because Faith Hill told you it was ok.

We're sorry to see things went south (so to speak) with you and the guy from "Our Song," but we're glad to see that our favorite (we'd say "little," but when we saw you down at TRL, you towered over us by like, 16 feet) country princess doesn't take any s--- or waste time getting revenge in your new video, "Picture to Burn," directed by Trey Fanjoy (who also directed "Our Song.")

We don't advocate violence -- or arson -- but letting some ho drive your truck is certainly grounds for taking a match to that photo. It was an unflattering angle anyway.

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