Exclusive: Jared Leto Was 'Ready For A Fight' Over 'A Beautiful Lie'

The first time we saw the video for "A Beautiful Lie," we thought there was no way the guys from 30 Seconds to Mars actually went to the Arctic Circle to shoot it. But they did. Yup, that's really Jared Leto standing on a glacier in the company of polar bears and Eskimos and stuff. Kinda crazy, right? Well ... this is the band that put their own spin on the horror classic The Shining and was the first American rock group to shoot a video in the People's Republic of China. This time around, though, they didn't want to film just another cool-looking video, they wanted to raise awareness about global warming.

We sat down with Jared to find out what it was like to bundle up and head to the Arctic Circle and why he decided it was time to champion a cause. See what he said and then watch the video (and be amazed by how he manages to look so good in subzero weather).


Watch more of our exclusive interview with Jared here.