New Video: Kanye West, 'Homecoming'

"Do you think about me now and then? Do you think about me now and theeeeeen?"

Of course we do, Kanye. How can we not when A) your latest album is an all-around banger, and B) you keep putting out videos featuring out-of-this-world B-sides or other superstars like T-Pain, Daft Punk or Chris Martin. Seriously, who among us can resist such a continuous stream of flesh and celebrity-flavored cocktails?

No one can. No. One. That's why you'll be seeing this piano-laden, black-and-white clip for Kanye West's homage to Chi-City, "Homecoming," until Mrs. O'Leary's cow comes home to pay for all the damage she caused.

A seriously Bromantic™ duet between Mr. West and that guy from Coldplay who Gwyneth Paltrow married, it's three minutes and 23 seconds of deft metaphors, silhouettes, falsettos and Kanye doing his thing on a the back of a flatbed truck all throughout downtown Chicago. Paging Ferris Bueller.