Exclusive Interview: OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder Schools Buzzworthy In Piano, Mozart

Damn you, Ryan Tedder! You are living, wealthy (and attractive), proof that we never ever EVER should've quit those much-maligned childhood piano lessons.

The OneRepublic frontman -- who also co-wrote Leona Lewis' hit single "Bleeding Love" with Jesse McCartney -- stopped by the 17th floor of MTV, got behind the keyboard and in front of the camera, and showed us how Mozart, Beethoven and Bon Jovi led him to his monster hit, "Apologize." Timbaland's remix went on to become the most popular song in radio history in the UK and saw more airplay than any other song in American Top 40 history, all before OneRepublic had even released their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud. Right. So, about those piano lessons.

Watch an exclusive Buzzworthy interview with Ryan Tedder, who harbors a little-known obsession with ragtime.

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