Let's Play 'Find Janet Jackson's Tattoo!'

With this morning's official Today Show announcement that the New Kids on the Block are back in action (yes, it's marginally exciting, if only for sheer shock value, but did the occasion really necessitate a curtain and an unveiling? And how did this trump a Martin Luther King, Jr. segment??), we hereby grant you permission to indulge in celebrity minutia... like Janet Jackson's secret tattoo.

You know those awesome (as in not awesome) spring break T-shirts with the frogs and pigs engaging in sexual, um, "escapades" that'd make even Prince blush? Yeah. That. Except with two of Disney's most-famous characters. We like that about Janet -- cool, calm and classy on the outside while secretly harboring naughty ink on the Dee-El.

Watch Janet discuss her very first tat, and check out her exclusive MTV.com First Ladies interview on Monday.