New Video: Story of the Year, 'Wake Up'


Three years after their last studio album, Story of the Year is back. After changing their name from Big Blue Monkey (good call, guys), SOTY first caught our attention back in 2004 with "Until the Day I Die" and "Anthem of Our Dying Day" (death is evidently a favorite theme of the band's) from their major label debut, Page Avenue.

After getting their aggression out on their heavier sophomore effort, In The Wake of Determination (and trading punches with Godsmack's roadies -- LOLz), the hardcore punk quintet took a much-needed breather, and now they're poised to release their new disc, Black Swan on April 22.

Here's their brand-new clip, "Wake Up," which features singer Dan Marsala (the pensive dude who's front and center, twiddling his thumbs) and co. playing in an abandoned warehouse while kids spray-paint things. What does it all mean? Stay in school, kids.