Tokio Hotel: Free Download

For a while, Tokio Hotel were like David Hasselhoff -- they were only big in Germany. But after the pop-rock quartet released their debut English-language disc Scream last year (here in the States, the set will be released May 6), they gained many a fan (and could very well surpass the 'Hoff in global popularity). Don't believe us? Get a free download of "Scream," recorded live at the Fillmore East in New York.

Another reason to download that live track: the band recently had to cancel their sold-out European tour after singer Bill Kaulitz (the third from the left/ the one with the awesome two-tone hair) needed surgery on his vocal cords.

We here at Buzzworthy wish Bill all the best. For now, check out Tokio Hotel's new video "Ready, Set, Go!" which shows the frontman in full force:

(And Hasselhoff -- watch your back!)