Jonas Brothers Phone a Fan on 'TRL'

The third chapter and ultimate moral of the MTV/Jonas Brothers/ Buzzworthy story is as follows: Believe and achieve, ladies!

But first, let's catch up: Last week, bazillions of you hardest-core Jonas Brothers fans got together to try to flood the site until "When You Look Me In the Eyes" hit the #1 spot.

Yessss, we know that tons of you were involved (and yessss, we know you're going to try again), but one fan -- Allison from Austin -- caught our attention with her nearly eight-minute-long YouTube video.

So, yesterday, in response to all the MTV/JB love, we had Allison on TRL via Webcam, and sealed the deal with a surprise phone-in from the Jonas Brothers themselves. One dedicated fan representing all that JB love, getting a supreme-dream phone call from the JoBros? Heartwarming!

Watch the clip below, or, if you have a really long attention span (God bless you, and know that we envy you), here's a longer clip.