Jonas Brothers Fans and the Nonviolent, Adorably Aggro Assault On


Panic fans, we're pretty sure Jonas Brothers devotees have you beat for Most Extremely Hardcore. Earlier this week, JoBro fans like this girl conspired to bring down the entire site by attempting to post about a kwatrillion comments on the JB's video page, in a noble attempt to make "When You Look Me In the Eyes" the #1 video on the site.

JB fans, while you didn't totally "pone" us (also, isn't it "pwn" or "pw0n"? Regardless…), you did manage to uncover a glitch on our site. What happened was, you posted so many thousands of comments that as new comments rolled in, the total number of comments began to be displayed in negative numbers -- it was kinda like our own personal Y2K, if Y2K had actually really happened -- thus instituting the need for our tech dudes to fix the way mega-volumes of comments work (dorks, feel free to read more about that here).

So, where once there was chaos, order has been almost totally restored, the comment count is nearly accurate (so Florida 2000/Ohio 2004!), and the number of JB fanatics commenting on the JB's "When You Look Me In the Eyes" video is rising faster than the national deficit, though not faster than Danity Kane's new "Damaged" video, which was the top video on on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Anyway, our point is twofold: 1.) Jonas Brothers fans, you ladies (because we're gonna take a leap of faith and assume most of you are girls) are seriously intennnnse. Mad respect. 2.) We're curious… of all of you MTV-sabotaging JB pw0ners out there (and we definitely know you're out there), who's the biggest Jonas Brothers fan, and why?