Exclusive: OneRepublic Want To Take Over The World

In their Artist of the Week clips, OneRepublic throw caution -- and their serious image -- to the wind and have fun with some of the Spinal Tap-type moments they've experienced. Although ... we're not really sure if any of them ever had to carry a sword or wear a dress. Hoping to separate fact from fiction, we caught up with the guys while they were in NYC recently to talk about their music, being out of their element and how they're planning to take over the world. Here's what they had to say...

Buzzworthy: As our Artist of the Week, why did you decide to show your humorous side?

Ryan Tedder: Our videos are kind of serious. Our music is on the serious side. Part of our whole mission is trying to bring back music that says something. Between the two videos we have out, some people might think we're this brooding, depressing band. But that's not the case. We wanted to show people that there's a whole other side to us. We actually don't take ourselves seriously.

BW: How did you come up with the theme?

RT: We find absurd humor to be the funniest. The British version of The Office is our favorite show. We love the Farrelly brothers and Will Ferrell. So where all those converge is where our humor is and what we think is funny. We're into funny, awkward moments, so we wanted to incorporate that. The idea for shooting at Medieval Times came from the movie The Cable Guy, which we all love. We were all just like, "Hell yeah, we have to do it there."

Drew Brown: It was one of the biggest productions we've ever done.

RT: Bigger than our music videos.

DB: It looks like a movie.

RT: Or a Mexican soap opera. We were so far out of our element, which made it even funnier. A lot of people are really into Renaissance faires, but none of us are into that. If we were really into it, it wouldn't have been funny. But we have been booked in gigs in the past year where we walked in and our jaws hit the floor. We were like, you've got to be kidding me. We weren't ego tripping at all but we had one of the biggest songs in the world ["Apologize"] at the time...

DB: And we were playing, like, a crocodile-themed restaurant. It was strange. It was like, there's something off about this. [Laughs.]

RT: The fans always turn out to be great, and once the show starts you forget about it. Sometimes.

BW: Do you know what your next single will be?

RT: "Say."

BW: What will the video be like?

RT: It will be simpler than "Stop and Stare." We're filming it in Paris. I don't want to give away the grand finale, because there's a money shot. But it'll be inspiring and beautiful because that's what the song is to us. We don't want people to be scratching their heads after this one.

BW: Did you want people to have to think about what was going on in "Stop and Stare"?

Zach Filkins: Any song can be interpreted a million different ways. From our perspective, knowing what the song is about, when we watch the video, it all makes sense. But we knew what we were thinking when we wrote the song.

RT: The video really represents life and death and all the choices in between and all the things you can be. The grave basically represents your finale and the woman giving birth represents life. All the people outside the windows, stopping and staring, they all represent different stages of life, different choices. Life is happening and you're off somewhere watching it pass you by. There are so many metaphors. Like me being in a bathtub represents the feeling of drowning -- because there was a point in my life when I felt completely drowned by debt. It was eating me up. The only thing I can't quite figure out is how or why that TV caught on fire. [Laughs.]

ZF: I know, but it's pretty awesome.

RT: And we filmed it in the motel from the movie Identity. Watch that movie and you’ll be like, "Oh my God."

Brent Kutzle: We actually watched Identity while we were there.

RT: Yeah, I walked in the trailer and it was playing. Weirdest thing ever.

BK: Yeah, creepy.

BW: Aside from "Say," what's next for you guys?

RT: Trying to take over the world, I guess. We'll be everywhere, touring. Hopefully we'll keep the momentum going and in early '09 there'll be a legit OneRepublic headlining tour.

In case you're wondering where drummer Eddie Fisher was during all this ... he was there, he just didn't say much. Although he did correctly predict that Ryan would answer "85.6%" of the questions.

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