Buzzworthy Guest Blogger Secondhand Serenade On Writing 'Fall For You'


Secondhand Serenade is not a band of many men but the work of just one man -- John Vesely, pictured above, who looks quite a bit like Blake Lewis but sounds nothing like him at all (and really, one Blake Lewis is enough... cue ranting, Idol-obsessed pro-Blake comments... now-ish).

Anyway, John's music -- hyper-emotional, acutely aware, and often focused on screwed-up relationships; think a little bit OneRepublic meets a little bit more Plain White T's meets even more Five For Fighting -- is perfect for highlighting the screwed-up relationships, on shows like Newport Harbor, which is exactly where Secondhand songs have been featured.

John just released his second Secondhand Serenade album, A Twist In My Story and is currently about to embark upon a sold-out with Yellowcard. And as made evident in the photo above, (and no, we don't know what's on his shirt), he's quite comfortable in front a computer -- apt for an artist who built his fanbase on MySpace and iTunes. And he agreed to blog about his new songs, starting with "Fall For You," the first single off his new record.

Read John Vesely's Buzzworthy blog post about writing "Fall For You," watch the video, and stay tuned for more Secondhand Serenade Buzzworthy blog posts about the new album.

"Fall For You" was actually the first song I wrote on the piano. I was practicing, and I started to hear a melody in my head. And two hours later, it was done. It was really easy to write because it was about something that was going on with my life at the time.

The song is really about a relationship slowly deteriorating to a point where it seems that there is absolutely no way to save it. It takes you through the various stages of the relationship up until the point where it seems useless to go on and then something happens. You see a glimpse of what your life would be like without that person and you realize how much you need them.

I really love this song because its very realistic. It definitely has it's dark side. I tend to write like that a lot. If I sugarcoat my songs then I'm not really writing the truth. There is a lot of pain in life, and you have to experience it in order to enjoy the few moments that life feels perfect. It's totally worth it in my opinion.

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